To our customers, fellow racers and friends in the racing community.

On June 4, 1996 in the District Court of the State of Utah in Salt Lake City, litigation entitled High Performance Coatings, Inc. verses Spirit of America (SOA) World Land Speed Record Team, Inc. and Craig Breedlove was resolved favorably to HPC.

HPC was the original coatings sponsor for the SOA project. HPC began this litigation as a result of Mr. Breedlove’s actions:

  1. to terminate, without cause, HPC as a sponsor.
  2. failure to reimburse HPC for coating services, component repairs, materials and inspections.
  3. to approve advertising and promotional materials which adversely affected HPC’s standing in the performance industry.
After HPC presented our case at trial, SOA and Craig Breedlove consented to HPC’s settlement demand.

We take no pleasure in presenting these facts However, after serving our customers with honesty and integrity for 15 years, we found our reputation threatened by the actions of Mr. Breedlove and SOA. We felt that we must set the record straight.

The facts are that as SOA’s coatings sponsor, HPC contributed the high temperature coating services and our materials for the jet engine. After being installed, displayed, and promoted in the SOA vehicle, Mr. Breedlove expressed great satisfaction with the coatings and our workmanship. Mr. Breedlove’s decision to terminate HPC as a sponsor came only after his being offered additional cash sponsorship by a competing coatings company.

We feel that the substitution of one of our competitors under these circumstances creates an unfair and inaccurate picture of HPC. In the larger sense, such tactics also threaten the foundation of all sponsorships in the racing industry specifically, and overall public relations efforts in general.

Sponsoring companies rely on the good faith of racing teams to fulfill contractual agreements. Our sport’s survival depends on it.

To all our valued and loyal customers and friends throughout the motorsport world, we thank you for your understanding and continued support during this ordeal.

Best regards,

Jeff Holm and the entire crew at HPC.

When you know the facts you’ll choose HPC.

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