S Series Solid Dry Films

HPC offers a multitude of Solid Dry Film coatings specifically engineered to your coating requirements. For applications requiring a reduced coefficient of friction, as well as non-stick, chemical resistance and food processing in various environments, the S Series has the solutions to your needs.

S01: Wettable Matrix Coating

This inorganic single-bonded dry film contains a matrix selected to increase the lubricity and load-bearing capability when subjected to high pressure and mid-range temperatures. It provides excellent wear properties while reducing friction loads. In applications where solutions such as petroleum products are to be retained rather than shed, this process will increase the life of the components by helping to eliminate fretting, galling and seizure. A variety of colors are available. Operating temperature: -100 to +600 deg. F.

S02:  Non-Wettable Matrix Coating

Designed with PTFE, these applications provide outstanding chemical corrosion protection on ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Dissimilar metal corrosion between tightly compressed components will be greatly reduced after being treated with S02. Its non-wettable properties allow solutions to glide across the substrates rather than being absorbed and attack the substrate. It’s available in a variety of colors with operating temperatures of -100 to +600 degrees F.

S26:  Non-Wettable Matrix Coating

This coating is similar to S02, however PTFE to bonding resin ratios have been altered to produce a coating which is harder, more abrasion resistant, glossier and less porous.  Release properties remain very good and chemical and UV resistance is exceptional.  S26 is available in a variety of colors.

Mold Release Coatings

These coatings were formulated specifically with release molds in mind.  S12 is a smooth coating with good chemical resistance and the best release properties of any coating offered by HPC.  S12 is postformable and is color stable to its upper limit of operating range (445 deg. F).

FDA Non-Stick Coatings

Engineered for non-stick (release) with outstanding corrosion and abrasion resistance under load with an operating temperature of 600 degrees F, this family of coatings offer outstanding results on cookie stamps, candy molds, cooking sheets, pots and pans, grill surfaces as  well as many other food processing, hardware and medical (non-implant) equipment.

Appearance Coatings

Appearance coatings are for those applications where a durable finish is needed in a color or a clear.  HPC’s appearance coatings offer superior abrasion resistance and color stability up to 500 deg F.  These coatings are much more durable than powders and offer good corrosion protection in harsh environments.  HPC’s appearance coatings are OEM specified.

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