Street Rods!!! 

HPC offers many coatings that are ideal for street rods. Corrosion protection and longevity are the important criteria on a driven street rod. HPC offers coatings for suspension components, exhaust systems, intake manifolds, brackets and many other parts.

HPC’s HiPerCoat™exhaust system coating will keep your headers, pipes and mufflers looking brand new for years to come. HiPerCoat is availabe in a variety of colors as well as the beautiful polished aluminum finish HPC is famous for.

HPC offers several appearance coating options for suspension and accessory components that need durable finishes without the problems of chipping or having to repaint. A variety of colors is available for both. These are very economical processes and can be applied to anything metal.

HPC’s intake manifold coatings can be applied in our HiPerCoat polished aluminum as well as our HiPerColor™ and HiPerCrystal™ coatings. Our HiPerCoat is ideal for intakes, giving an incredible polished finish while being uneffected by petroleum products such as fuel, oil and anitfreeze. HiPerCoat will not tarnish and oxidize like polished aluminum does, therefore requires little maintance, leaving you more time to drive the car rather than polishing it.  HiPerColor and HiPerCrystal are multi-step thermal set coatings that offer a wide variety of colors and are much more durable than paints.  HiPerCrystal gives your parts a glossy, candy look, exclusive to HPC.

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