The Main Benefits of Car Detailing

Any car owner and river knows the grievance of trying to maintain a clean, well-maintained car. With use, the inside of the car can get dirty, cluttered, and worn out; the exterior can go through wear and tear too. Car detailing can get you a cleaner, detailed service for your vehicle. It will not only improve your car’s look but also improve its life span and prevent wear and tear and other potential issues.

Let’s take a look at what the experts say about the benefits of car detailing;

Protection of the Interior and Exterior

“It’s easy to think that car detailing is just about making your car look good. That is certainly one of the main outcomes but that’s only one. Protection is another major reason to detail a vehicle. Weather, sun, kids, work, and daily wear-and-tear all take a toll on your exterior and interior.” (Will Creech)

Extends Vehicle Life

“Quality detailing products like ceramic coatings and UV protectants will help extend the life and beauty of your finish as well as exterior plastics and rubber. Your interior takes a beating daily too. UV protectants can protect your dashboard and other interior plastics and leathers from drying and cracking. Cleaning body oils left on shift knobs, steering wheels, door handles, and other commonly touched areas will also help keep them looking new longer.”

“Upholstery protectants can protect seats and carpets. Not only can they help prevent bleaching from the sun over extended periods of time, but they can prevent stains too.” (Will Creech)

Can Bring Better Value When Selling

“Almost everyone will eventually sell their vehicle. If you’ve kept your car or truck detailed regularly it will show. A properly detailed vehicle will look significantly better compared to one that hasn’t, even over a short period of time. A good-looking car can definitely make someone willing to spend quite a few extra dollars.” (Will Creech)


“Safety is the last point that should be mentioned. Glass requires cleaning too – inside and out. In addition to the dirt and mineral deposits that collect on the outside of your windows, haze and greasy film can build up on the inside too.

“Rain repellents are another great way of increasing visibility. Not only do they allow water to bead and quickly run off your windows, but repellents will protect your glass and wiper blades by keeping dirt and grit from sticking to the windshield and prevent scratches.”

Will Creech, Detailing Enthusiast and Owner of

Gets Rid of Scratches and Scrapes

“I always found that car detailing is a great way to get rid of scratches and scrapes. It’s one of those little things in life that, even though it doesn’t really save you money, makes you feel better. I like to do detailing in the spring when it’s nice outside because most of my detailing is done outdoors. The best part is that once I finish cleaning up all the dirt on my car, it looks as good as new! Pretty satisfying if you ask me. 

“Luckily for me, I don’t have many dirty spots to clean off so every time I detail my car there is something different on it! Sometimes it’s dead flies which isn’t too bad but other times it’s really gross stuff with leaves and bugs.”

Sarah Walker, Founder of

Better Resale Value

“Because almost everyone plans on eventually selling or trading in their vehicle, you should be thinking of your car as an investment. By taking care of your vehicle you can retain more of its value and get more bang for your buck when it comes time to move on to the next vehicle.

“Detailing your vehicle regularly will help with the resale value in the long run. Keeping the paint and finish clean and protected with wax will keep it from fading. Even though it’s just for looks, a car with an intact finish can sell for a much higher price than a car with a faded or rusted finish. Similarly for the interior, dirt build up and general wear and tear will dissuade prospective buyers in the future.”

Jake McKenzie, Content Manager Auto Accessories Garage

“According to Lance Willis, “Outside of the popular superstition that cars will run better when they look better, there are some key benefits to keeping your car looking its best through a proper detailing regime;

Curb Appeal

“This is the obvious one. Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town, dropping your kids off at school, or entering a car show, the cleanliness of your vehicle says a lot about you & the care you take to always be at your best.” (Lance Willis)

Value Retention

“Look at it this way. If you were going to buy a car and had two of the exact same vehicles side by side with one looking like it spent last night in a dumpster fire while the other was surgically clean, which one would you buy? This holds true if you have a classic car or any other type of vehicle. A clean car will always fetch more money than a filthy one and in some cases, buyers will overlook certain mechanical faults for a car that is otherwise ‘pristine’.” (Lance Willis)


“Spill that soda enough times on the center console and eventually the shift solenoids and interlocks in modern cars will burn up. Then you have to go to the dealer or a transmission specialist for repairs. Leave smashed gummy bears on cloth, leather, or carpeting long enough and they will never come out. If they do, they will leave their last position forever embossed on the material’s surface like a taped-off John Doe at a crime scene. 

“If you live in northern climates where road salts might be an issue, doing a monthly detail (especially with a thorough underbody rinse) can save you from major mechanical and cosmetic problems down the line.

“You don’t necessarily have to go to an automotive detail specialist to keep your car clean. A drive-through wash with regular trash removal from the cabin is usually good enough to keep things neat and clean. If you don’t have the time to invest in protective wax treatments, polishing, or deep cleans, auto detailers can often work miracles when you think all hope is lost. Keep that thing clean and take pride in your ride. It will love you for it. And likely run a lot better, too.”

Lance Willis, General Manager, Bayway Volvo Cars

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