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Valspar, a division of Sherwin-Williams Consumer Brands Group, has released “The Sound of Color,” a collection of colors inspired by the company’s 2021 Colors of the Year. Valspar is empowering us to take charge of our environments and change them to support our best selves at a time when people are seeking solitude and tranquility like never before.

The 2021 Colors of the Year, which were unveiled in September 2020, are 12 livable tones that convey quiet, tranquility, and simplicity. They were particularly picked to help us take control of physical places so that they encourage our finest mental space. The colors, sights, and noises that surround us are more important than ever, especially now that our houses have become offices, entertainment centers, and even classrooms.

Valspar has teamed up with novelist, sound therapist, and meditation teacher Sara Auster to create a multi-sensory experience that will immerse customers in the world of color. Her art features soothing visuals, original sounds, and a one-of-a-kind color meditation experience. Auster has been introducing sound baths to audiences all around the world for the past decade.

Auster commented, “I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such a renowned paint brand as Valspar.” “It was a wonderfully amazing experience working together to bring these color meditations to life for each of the 2021 Colors of the Year.” I hope that the pauses we have made allow customers to reconnect with comfort and wellbeing.”

Because of Auster’s unique teaching methods and transforming experiences, Valspar picked her to collaborate on “The Sound of Color.” Hues, sights, and sounds are more important than ever before in today’s society, and Valspar believed Auster’s ability to transform colors into peaceful, tranquil, and uplifting experiences would resonate with customers.

“Taking the brand’s hallmark colors and creating a multi-sensory experience that goes much deeper than hues on a paint swatch was a groundbreaking idea for Valspar,” said Sue Kim, Valspar color marketing manager. “We are incredibly happy with how this project ended out, and we think our clients will love connecting with our 2021 Colors of the Year in a whole new way.”

Valspar’s color specialists analyzed worldwide lifestyle patterns that have evolved dramatically from last year while anticipating the 2021 Colors of the Year. Consumer interest in mindfulness and self-care activities has increased as external stressors have increased.

Yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and other activities have gained popularity in recent years, moving from the fringe to the mainstream. More than 20% of organizations sponsored a mindfulness program in 2019, and this number grew significantly in 2020.

A guided visualization and a breath practice session are included in each of the twelve Colors of the Year for 2021. Meditations to quiet, relax, and soothe are included in six of the colors, while meditations to focus, energize, and uplift are included in the other six.

“The Sound of Color” is based on Valspar’s Colors of the Year for 2021. Lowe’s and independent merchants around the country carry all 12 colors. Each retailer’s color names and hues differ somewhat.

Blissful Blue

  • Serene – An organic color that evokes the calm and quiet of early mornings and new beginnings.
    • Lowe’s: 4005-3C Blissful Blue 
    • Independent retailers: V111-4 Norwegian Night
  • Soft CandlelightOptimistic – This radiant, warm color invites optimism with its golden glow.
    • Lowe’s: 3005-6C Soft Candlelight
    • Independent retailers: V050-1 Morning Blossom

Granite Dust

  • Secure – Conjuring the comforting colors of a stronghold, Granite Dust helps fortify you against the worries lurking beyond your walls.
    • Lowe’s: 5006-1C Granite Dust
    • Independent retailers: V142-3 Gray-Green Linen

Cherry Taupe

  • Content – So soft you can almost snuggle it; this earthy color adds richness and luxuriousness to reinforce your sense of accomplishment.
    • Lowe’s: 1005-10A Cherry Taupe
    • Independent retailers: V081-4 Burnished Apricot 

Arizona Dust

  • Courageous – Vibrant and bold, focusing on this color can bolster your courage for whatever you’re facing next.
    • Lowe’s: 2003-8A Arizona Dust
    • Independent retailers: V045-3 Peach Squared

Garden Flower

  • Sophisticated – This color captures a sense of sturdy growth and reliable sophistication that puts guests and hosts alike at ease.
    • Lowe’s: 5004-3B Garden Flower
    • Independent retailers: V097-2 Succulent 

Academy Gray

  • Contemplative – The subtle blue present in this moody gray brings a comforting quality to serious contemplation.
    • Lowe’s: 5001-2A Academy Gray
    • Independent retailers: V138-5 Flannel Gray


  • Relaxing – So endless in its invitation to relax that it’s luxurious.
    • Lowe’s: 7003-2 Unforgettable
    • Independent retailers: V094-1 Quill 

Gallery Gray

  • Confident – For the modern minimalist whose approachable elegance demands a space as effortlessly confident as they are.
    • Lowe’s: 2006-10B Gallery Gray
    • Independent retailers: V133-4 Gentry Grey

Dusty Lavender

  • Balanced – Bright but soft, subdued but inviting; Dusty Lavender encourages perfect equilibrium.
    • Lowe’s: 1002-7C Dusty Lavender
    • Independent retailers: V078-4 Violet Dusk

Maple Leaf

  • Spirited – Natural at its core, this color invites you to embrace yourself at your most authentic.
    • Lowe’s: 2008-8B Maple Leaf
    • Independent retailers: V089-2 Spiced Latte

Lucy Blue

  • Optimistic – This energetic blue injects effortless joy and optimism into any environment.
    • Lowe’s: 5001-5C Lucy Blue
    • Independent retailers: V103-4 Grand Boulevard

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