Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Sports Car

There is nothing like the feel and adrenaline rush of owning and driving a sports car. Before you actually go for the buy, however, there are some factors to consider. Always better to walk into a dealership well-informed. To get you all that information, we asked experienced automobile professionals about what’s important for you to know beforehand.

Know the Lingo and Know your Budget

“Owning a sports car is a gratifying pleasure. You get to enjoy the speed, the sound, and the looks of the vehicle. When you take care of your very own sports car, you’re sure to turn some heads around. However, owning a sports car has a lot of responsibilities. Sports cars can range from reasonably priced to extremely expensive. This all depends on your budget. Who you buy from does matter, you can buy from a private owner, auction house, Bring A Trailer, eBay and car dealers. You should know the lingo so sellers know that you are serious. Vintage sports cars are older models but can cost a ton of money. An example of that is the vintage 1964 Chevelle or 1965 Mustang. These cars are can cost somewhere between $9,000 – $100,000, and prices can even go higher when you look at the specialty editions or cars with a special history. If you are a true collector and buying from a collector or a car purist they will have documentation to prove its value. These people take pleasure in having rare models of cars and keeping them in pristine condition. Some collectors even have strict rules before selling them to an elite few. Avoid buying from these people as it can get pricey real quick. Unless this is your ultimate goal. These sellers will buy and sell on their marque forums. If you are looking at a project car, there are parts costs, 100’s of hours of labor and locating certain parts that need to be considered. For current values, look at websites like as they stay on tip of auction prices and current values. Also, be aware you will need to purchase collector car insurance. The best part of buying any sports car is that every time you drive it, you will be smiling ear to ear.”

Lauren Fix, Sector Analyst, The Car Coach, Automotive, Energy, Trends. Automotive Aspects Inc.

Prepare for the Expense

“If you’ve never driven a sports car before, you might not realize how many extra expenses come along with it. You’re probably aware that the insurance costs for a sleek sports car are much higher than that of a more practical sedan, but the additional cost doesn’t end there. Most sports cars can only be gassed up with premium fuel, and the high-performance wheels your sports car probably needs are also much more expensive than what an Average Joe pays for tires. Maintenance costs are typically high too because, in a sports car, every component from the brake rotors to the exhaust system has been engineered for performance and is subsequently more expensive to replace.”

Jake McKenzie, Content Manager Auto Accessories Garage

Cost, Size and Color

Cost: Buying a sports car is not cheap, so you want to make sure that you can afford what it costs. You might have to change your other budget plans for the year to buy this new toy. Take some time and think about how much money you need before buying one of these cars. Size: Sports cars are usually smaller than sedans which means they don’t fit as many people or things inside their cabins. Before going out to find the perfect model, take note of whether or not there will be enough room for all of your friends when they come over with their kids. Also, remember that bigger isn’t always better, especially if more space for unnecessary features on a sports car.

Color: Most people decide what color their new vehicle will be before they even go shopping for it! There are so many colors to choose from that you can’t help but feel like a kid in a candy store when looking at the options. Take some time and think about how much you want this car to represent your personality, or if you have any specific ideas of which color might work best with the rest of your home décor. The paint on these vehicles is costly, so make sure that it won’t be too difficult to maintain its good condition (e.g., not showing) after years of driving weather conditions such as rain and snow.”

Mark Hutchinson, CEO Collins Honda

Some More Careful Considerations

“Sports cars should be fun, driven, and shared with others. If you don’t look back at your sports car admiringly when you walk away from it you have the wrong car. Buy a car that is way under your total sports car budget, that way you can afford to maintain it properly and drive it hard. It’s always more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow, so buy something that is engaging to drive and don’t worry about how fast it is. While the answer to all sports car buying decisions is Miata, there are a few solid reasons not to buy one. One, if you’re over 6′ tall like me. Two, if you want something pretty to look at. And three, if you want something fast in a straight line. I bought a Porsche 996 Turbo for myself. It is a head-turner, 20 years old and still fast, offers an analog driving experience with heavy steering and a manual gearbox, and above all is a car that I can drive regularly and hard without too much depreciation.”

Bryon Dorr, Automotive Journalist and Editor-in-Chief at AutoWise, a Smart Automotive Resource

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