Team Vesco’s Turbinator Goes 439.897 MPH



Team Vesco’s “Turbinator” L-11 turbine driven streamliner set a new national record of an averaged 400.833 MPH through the measured mile, eclipsing the previous record by 136 MPH.  Don Vesco driving the “Turbinator” recorded a top speed of 439.897 MPH in the measured Kilometer making it the Worlds Fastest Wheel Driven Automobile.  Rick Vesco commented “You’ll be impressed with the sound the car makes.  It’s like that of an F-16 fighter jet shaking the salt when it goes by”.  “Higher speed is capable” says Don, “On good hard salt I can go 500 MPH”.  Poor weather and rain prior to the run had softened the salt at the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover, Utah.  Even with all wheel drive the “Turbinator’s” data acquisition equipment recorded and average of 23 MPH tire spin from 70% throttle up.  Further runs were canceled due to the L-11’s enormous torque twisting the splines on all of the “Turbinator’s” drive shafts.  Upgraded shafts are already in engineering.  HPC congratulates Team Vesco and is proud to support and sponsor “Turbinator’s” assault on the World Record of 409 MPH set by Al Teague in 1992.

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