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Ever thought about taking public transit to work on campus, but worry about that one time you’ll need to step out on lunch?

McMaster has recently partnered with Vrtucar, a car sharing organization that helps its’ customers get around without the hassles and expenses of owning your own vehicle.

How it works:

You do the driving and Vrtucar takes care of the rest.

Use a Vrtucar for an hour, an afternoon or longer – once you’ve registered and signed up with the service, you can access the Vrtucar vehicle on campus and they’ll take care of the insurance, repairs, maintenance and even gas.

Usage is billed by the hour and kilometres travelled, and rates vary based on the plan you choose. Each car has an automatic transmission, is non-smoking, and pet-friendly. In the winter months, cars come equipped with winter tires, a shovel and a snow brush. There’s a credit card inside to cover gas purchases if required while you’re out.

Not sure if car sharing is right for you?

If you have been considering walking, biking or busing to work, but were reluctant to give up your parking space, give Vrtucar a try.

Vrtucar promises to help you spend less, connect with your community and reduce your carbon footprint.

The Vrtucar vehicle at McMaster is parked in Lot B.

If you are interested in accessing it, visit www.vrtucar.com for more information.

For more information about alternative transportation to campus, visit http://parking.mcmaster.ca/Alternate_Transportation.html.

VIA: McMaster University

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Amanda Thomas
Amanda Thomas
A professional auto-engineer woman, Amanda has worked with the development and design team of automotive companies to employ sophisticated technology in a reliable and user-friendly method in the vehicle’s navigation, alarm, control, and fuel usages.
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