How to update your homepage using an FTP program

If you are looking to edit your existing web page from your home windows 95 machine, here is the way to do it:

Getting WS_FTP.EXE

    This is one program that will let you upload and download files from your hard drive to the Internet. To download WS_FTP LE do this:

    1. Click on the start button and go to Run.
    2. In the command line type ftp vii.com
    3. Wait for a window to open and type in anonymous as your login.
    4. Type in your e-mail address as your password such as csmith@mail.vii.com
    5. Type cd pub/system/windows/ftp
    6. Type bin
    7. Type hash
    8. Type get ws_ftple.exe (This may take a while)
    9. When the # signs stop moving, and you get a prompt again, type quit

Getting Connected
    Now that you have an FTP program, you will need to connect to your server. These are the steps:

    1. Double click on the ws_ftp.exe icon (if not there click on start and go to run and type in the command line ws_ftp.exe
    2. Ws_ftp should bring up a window, click on the ADD or NEW button to add your site to the list.
    3. For host name, put www.your_server_name.com
    4. For user ID put your virtual user name (such as csmith)
    5. Type your password in under the password entry (in lowercase)
    6. Click on Ok.
    7. Another window will apear with 2 boxes. The one on the left is your hard drive and the one on the right is your server (the Internet).
    8. If on the right side of the window you see a directory called ‘virtual’, double click on that directory. This is the directory where all of your html files & images are stored.

Download a Copy of your Site
    Since you will be editing you site on your hard drive before you upload it, you will need to download a copy of it onto your hard drive.

  • Make a directory on your hard drive where you will be storing your home page.
  • Make sure that you have that direcotry in your left window. If not, click on the ‘ChgDir’ button to goto that directory
  • Create the same structure for both sites. (eg. if there is a directory called ‘images’ on your Internet site, you will need to create a directory called ‘images’ on your hard drive.
  • Copy your files. Highlight all of the files in the right window (Internet) and click on the arrow that points to the left. This wii start downloading all of the html files to your hard drive.
  • Copy directories. Now double-click on the ‘images’ directory (or any other one) on both windows and repeat the last step by copying all of the graphics to your hard drive.
  • Now you should have an exact duplicate of your site on your hard drive. Compare both windows to make sure that they are the same.

Make your Changes to your Site
    There are many ways & programs to edit your site.

  • Open up the page that you want to edit in Notepad or the program that you will be doing your editing from
  • Make your changes to the page
  • Save the page with the exact same name as it was before (overwriting the older copy)

Uploading your Changes
    This is the easy part.
  • Open up your FTP program and make sure that both the left & right windows are displaying the same thing.
  • Highlight the file(s) that you are going to upload (in your left window) & click on the arrow pointing to the right to upload what you have on your hard drive, to the Internet. Before doing this you should view the file in your browser to make sure that there are no errros.
  • If the files have the same name, then they will overwrite each other and you are done
  • Goto you homepage on the net and hit reload and verify that the edits that you made worked and are correct.