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Which HPC coating is right for me?

When choosing a header or exhaust system coating keep in mind what qualities are most important to you.  Is it appearance?  Is it rust and corrosion protection?  Is it underhood heat reduction?  Or is header skin temperature of the most concern?  The table below will help give you an overview of which of our HiPerCoat® line of coatings is appropriate for different applications and environments.  Please email our tech department at hpctech@hpcoatings.com or call us toll free at 800-456-4721 with any questions you may have.

  HiPerCoat® 1300° F
Polished aluminum finish
HiPerCoat® 1600° F
Semi-gloss black and
gray, flat blue, red, and green
HiPerCoat® Extreme
2000° F+
Black or gray
Naturally aspirated carbureted engines
Naturally aspirated fuel injected engines
Turbo and supercharged gasoline engines (stock to mildly modified)
Turbo and supercharged gasoline engines (highly modified)
Turbocharged diesel engines
Rust and corrosion protection
High humidity environments
Temperature reduction of surrounding components
Underhood temperature reduction
Exhaust Component skin temperature reduction

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