Who Sells The Cheapest Electric Car

Electric vehicles are day by day getting popular, with prices coming down over time. Full-electric cars like the Vauxhall Corsa or Volkswagen e-Up can be cheaper than their counterparts that use traditional fuel sources such as diesel or gas. They also offer many benefits for drivers who want cleaner air by emitting zero tailpipe emissions when on roadways!

Electric cars are coming, and they’re more affordable than you think! As electric car technology becomes increasingly popular with manufacturers are adding full-electric options to their lineups.

Here in this article, let’s take a look at who sells the cheapest electric car.

Citroen Ami hatchback 

The Citroen Ami is selling a small electric car that offers surprising value for money. Unlike the Renault Twizy, which has mostly been seen on sidewalks and streets in Europe or Asia, this vehicle can seat one person with plenty of room to spare inside its box-shaped exterior. A clever storage compartment behind two front seats allows you to store your groceries from an impromptu trip out when unexpected company drops by!

The Ami has a top speed of 28mph, and the ride is unsettled enough that you may be glad it doesn’t go any faster. Furthermore, a rather short range of up to 46 miles means this electric car won’t compete with other e-bikes on long commutes, but if all your errands take place within these distances, then there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from going anywhere in relative comfort!

The Ami is the perfect vehicle for city dwellers. With its tiny turning circle and compact dimensions, this scooter provides easy maneuverability in tight spaces while still remaining fast enough to outrun traffic on secondary roads or quick errands around town!

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