The Food Truck Frenzy; Why Food Trucks are so Popular

During the Great Recession in 2008, when as many as 8.4 million Americans lost their jobs, people began to turn to other avenues for earning- that’s when street food began its journey to popularity. Culinary minds used their entrepreneurial spirit to start a new trend in the cities, opening up food trucks across America. Although, at the time, very few pursued this path, that number has significantly gone up today. Lucky for us- rather than diminish with the recovering economy, the food truck business has only been expanding. 

They offer something different from the traditional restaurants or fast-food chains- variety, quality and deliciousness that’s hard to find elsewhere. Street food offers fusions of foods from different cultures, while also offering a wide variety from fancy dinners to deep-fried foods- all of which taste exceptionally good! This, of course, is the foremost reason why food trucks are so popular. 

A more philanthropic reason for their popularity is also by spending at food trucks; people are supporting local small-scale vendors. Street food vendors have had a positive impact on the communities where they work by providing jobs to help build up the community in some of the cities where they operate.

You don’t have to travel anywhere to get to a food truck either; these mobile kitchens come right to you. You can find them on any corner of your city with their signature neon lights shining bright so you’ll always know where to go when hunger strikes. Really convenient when you need to grab a quick bite during work or while out running errands.

Fast, Unique, and Inexpensive

“The reasoning is simple, the food trucks of today are fast, unique and usually pretty inexpensive. Not all food trucks are created equal though and some are certainly better than others. But competition in the food truck scene is much more fierce today with some even being run by professional chefs. More competition means a better quality of food for you the consumer and that’s why food trucks are becoming even more popular today. Another thing I love about food trucks is their diversity. You get a range of cuisines and cultures from different trucks which makes it so much fun. We have a food truck festival here in Maastricht and we love going because of the variety.”

Devan Cameron, a chef who runs a food-focused website with recipes, tips and inspiration for the home cook; Braised & Deglazed

Outdoor Dining, with a Personal Touch

“We believe food trucks are so popular because that are filling the need for outdoor dining, being outside, fresh air, and ease. They are simple but offer a few items that are done well. It feels personal and people, especially now want personal!”

Adrian Davila Food Truck– Davila’s BBQ, running the food truck for over 20 years


“Over the past decade food trucks have become part of American culture. Whether you’re out at the park, hanging at a craft brewery, or visiting your local farmers market, you can pretty much guarantee that your next meal will come from a food truck. The rise in food truck popularity can mainly be attributed to the mobility of the trucks. Chefs are no longer bound to a single restaurant. A food truck makes it easy to take your cuisine to different groups of people. I am from Atlanta and a huge trend right now is breweries providing beer and live music and a food truck will partner up with them for the night. Food Network’s show The Great Food Truck Race can also be a reason why food trucks have risen in popularity.” 

Chloe is the SEO and Outreach Intern for Zen Media, a digital marketing and PR agency

Food Trucks are Economical

“Food trucks are popular due to affordability of the food and more experienced chefs offering good food are opening their own one due to low operating cost and high profitability. Customers flock to known ones due to taste and cheap prices compared to restaurant bought foods. Mobile food trucks somewhat generate a hype due to its mobility.”

Julian Goldie, CEO of Goldie Agency

Food trucks have become an inspiration for entrepreneurs hitting roadblocks, encouraging them by example to look for other avenues for forwarding their professions. Food trucks have come a long way from their days as simple covered wagons. These mobile diners are popping up all over, taking customers on wild culinary journeys and fueling creativity in kitchens across America. Food truck owners and chefs are continually updating themselves to keep their menus unique and exciting for their customers. Somehow they always give the people what they want while still introducing new products, with creative twists like falafel tacos or lobster rolls galore making every bite worth your while. Who knows where food trucks will go next?

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